Dissecting larp

Collected papers for Knutepunkt 2005

The articles are formatted as Acrobat PDF files, and available for download as separate files for each article, or as the complete book.


Welcome by the editors
- Petter Bøckmann and Ragnhild Hutchison


Knutepunkt and Nordic Live Role-playing: a crash cource
- Eirik Fatland


Laiv Action Role Playing, Teaching through gaming
- Thorstein Utne

Lived Scenarios, combining Role-playing and Design
- Juha Mox Huuhtanen

School of Flour, Developing methodology through eight experimental larps
- Mike Pohjola

Testing Larp Theories and Methods
- J. Tuomas Harviainen

On Larpers and the larp scene

Danish larp in numbers
- Morten Gade

Larp organizing and gender
- Ragnhild Hutchison

Profiling the larper, What is actually at stake
- Thomas Duus Hendriksen

Doing larp

Nothing is true; Everything is permissible, Using Deception as a Productive Tool
- Markku Jenti

Corresponding Expectations, Alternative Approaches to Enhanced Game Presence
- J. Tuomas Harviainen

Incentive tools of larp dramaturgy
- Eirik Fatland

The Collective’s little red book, A step-by-step guide to arranging larps the collective way
- Martine Svanevik

Quantifying In-game economy; A contribution to the analysis of the in-game economy of larp

- Mathias Lysholm Faaborg

The Process Modle of Role-playing
- Mäkelä, Koistinen, Siukola and Turunen

For the afterthough

Larping as real magic
- Elge Larsson